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Is Istio enjoying the widest spread among service meshes?

Service Meshes are currently a very popular topic in IT: Microservices architectures are growing continuously and with them the difficulty of keeping track. We spoke with Patrick Arnold, IT consultant at Pentasys AG, about service meshes such as Istio, Linkerd and and best practices when using them.

Infrastructure as Code – Lessons learned from Dev to Ops

The craft of software application development has developed continuously over the last thirty years. In comparison, Infrastructure as Code development (IaC) is still in its infancy. In her session at DevOps Conference 2019, Emma Button reports on the most important events as an application developer and shows how the growth of Infrastructure as Code as an independent craft can be accelerated.

OpenSource Pentesting & Security Analysis Tools

Security comes first, especially in the world of web applications. In his session at DevOpsCon 2018, Christian Schneider, security expert and freelance software developer, gave a comprehensive overview of the open-source tools used by security specialists and pentesters in their daily work to uncover security gaps.

Continuous delivery
for machine learning

In modern software development, we’ve grown to expect that new software features and enhancements will simply appear incrementally, on any given day. This applies to consumer applications such as mobile, web, and desktop apps, as well as modern enterprise software. We’re no longer tolerant of big, disruptive software deployments. ThoughtWorks has been a pioneer in Continuous Delivery (CD), a set of principles and practices that improve the throughput of delivering software to production in a safe and reliable way.

Do We Need a Service Mesh?

Over the past year, service mesh has come to the fore as a crucial component of the cloud native stack. Giants like Ticketmaster and PayPal have all added a service mesh to their production applications. But what is a service mesh, exactly? Is it even relevant? And why?

The last mile for DevOps

Some DevOps transformations flourish, but many others are stalling. Why is that? In his Keynote at the DevOpsCon 2019 in Berlin, Damon Edwards makes the case that Operations is the most predictable differentiator.

Quickly develop secure applications

The digitalisation of business processes is increasingly bringing applications to the centre of the company’s activities. At the sametime, customers expect utmost ease of use and up-to-date functions. Applications must therefore always be updated as soon as possible. This leads to several release cycles per day. This speed, however, can also cause security policies to be violated. To prevent this, application security must be integrated via infrastructure as code in the CI/CD system.

Jeff Sussna on the state of DevOps

10 years ago, DevOps introduced the idea that IT could be more effective without silos between development and operations. Since then, “cloud native” has entered the scene, along with practices and technologies such as Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), Site Reliability Engineering (SRE), and Serverless.

Ansible Tutorial: Multi-tier Deployment with Ansible

Ansible, by Red Hat, provides automated configurations as well as orchestrations of machine landscapes. The lightweight and flexible tool is increasingly used in DevOps toolchains and cloud computing. This article shows how to get a complex multi-tier setup on the server with it.

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