DevOps Conference, December 02 - 05, 2019 in Munich
The Conference for Continuous Delivery, Microservices,
Containers, Clouds & Lean Business


Checklist: Why are microservices important for you?

“I started using microservices out of frustration” says Viktor Farcic, Senior Consultant at CloudBees and Speaker at the upcoming DevOpsCon in Munich. We talked about the benefits and challenges of microservices, when people should not use them and what impact they have on an organization.

John Willis discusses the human factor of DevOps

High-performing organizations seem to have one common pattern: they put a high value on human capital. JAXenter editor Hartmut Schlosser talked to John Willis, Director of Ecosystem Development at Docker, Inc about how to turn human capital into high performance organizational capital.

The 4 roles of DevOps leadership

There’s no magic wand to make a company become better at DevOps. Leadership from management is necessary. In this article, Anton Weiss goes over the history of DevOps, what makes a good leader, and how managers can lead their teams towards a better and brighter DevOps future.

„DevOps ist Magie!“ – 10 Take-aways von der DevOpsCon 2016

DevOps-Kultur, Lean Management, Microservices oder lieber Container, Continuous Delivery, Cloud? Die Bandbreite an Themen auf der DevOpsCon 2016 in München war groß und machte die Auswahl für die Teilnehmer nicht gerade einfach. Wir haben für Sie einige Highlights herausgegriffen – und auch uns fiel die Wahl nicht leicht.

Our mission statement: This is how we interpret modern DevOps

DevOpsCon 2017 will take place in Berlin between 12-15 June. What is the idea behind DevOpsCon? How does this conference bring together a broad range of topics such as Continuous Delivery to Microservices, Cloud, Container and Corporate Culture? Program-Chair Sebastian Meyen will give you some insights in this article.

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