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DevOps Transformation Day, Part II: Digging Into Your DevOps Initiative [SOLD OUT]

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Thursday, May 31 2018
09:00 - 17:00
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DevOps Transformation Day Part II

DevOps can have huge impact in scaling organizations and making them more adaptive to change and thus resilient. However, the transition from traditional organizational structures to an agile, DevOps-oriented way of working is not trivial journey. While theories and principles from the DevOps toolbox offer orientation, they often help little in the realization of concrete steps. That’s the reason why this workshop does not offer predefined solutions for your DevOps problems, but provides a forum for discussion, knowledge exchange, communication and brainstorming. Here, with a limited number of participants, you can name particularly relevant problems and then work on them under the guidance of J. Paul Reed, an experienced companion of numerous organizations starting and discovering the path of their own DevOps transformations. A workshop day full of exciting insights, lively discussions with peers in the same situation, and concrete solutions for your

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