DevOps Conference | 02. - 05. Dezember 2019 in München 2019
Die Konferenz für Continuous Delivery, Microservices,
Containers, Clouds und Lean Business

The first decade of DevOps is over! What’s next?!

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The DevOps movement started 2009 at a small conference in Ghent. I’ll take you on a journey through ten years of DevOps and try to show how the topic has evolved since that time.
In the beginning DevOps was an experiment to improve the collaboration just between Dev and Ops people. Today DevOps is often seen as tooling, as many tremendous changes in IT happened since then: the rise of container technology, Microservices, Public Cloud Services, Serverless and Infrastructure as Code – just to name a few of them.
But DevOps is much more than technology and tooling. Books like ‚The Phoenix Project‘ were an eye opener to the process and people aspects of DevOps. A big set of different collaboration models between Dev and Ops like SRE have been developed. We learned about topics like Continuous Delivery, Observability, ChatOps etc. and how more departments than Dev and Ops will be affected by this new way of delivering digital products.
The talk will end up giving an outlook to the next exciting decade of DevOps …

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