DevOps Conference | December 02 - 05, 2019 in Munich 2019
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There’s no nice Way to say this: your DevOps has gone horribly wrong

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Tuesday, December 3 2019
11:30 - 12:30

On a regular basis, my co-workers and I get called into a customer meeting to discuss their DevOps problems and trying to find solutions. Have you ever been in a meeting and known exactly the solution, but also known that saying it out loud will lead you to get kicked out of the room? Well, this is a story of DevOps being misused to the point that it ended up shooting the team in the foot. The team had a test environment and continuous deployment capability but this was precisely what was making the problem ever more serious in this case. The issue was velocity or rather, a lack of velocity. Join me in this talk to hear what the situation was we were confronted with, what factors led to it, and where we ended up in the end. You might also like to hear how we tried to explain this to a team that did not understand the depth of the problem they had. There was no nice way to say it. Or maybe there was.

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