DevOps Conference | December 02 - 05, 2019 in Munich 2019
The Conference for Continuous Delivery, Microservices,
Containers, Clouds and Lean Business

We live in a hybrid world – a Digital Transformation Journey – making transformation projects a success with security

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Tuesday, December 4 2018
13:45 - 14:45

In the course of digital transformation, many business processes are currently undergoing fundamental change. Management wants the cloud in order to better face cost and competitive pressure. There is hardly a company that does not start strategic cloud initiatives. According to independent market research, by 2020 more computing power will be used as a IaaS than in traditional on-premise infrastructures. No Cloud will be as rare as No Internet. Apart from all the advantages such as agility, costs, and efficiency as well as automation, hybrid architectures also entail various challenges:

 – Multiple environments – too many tools

– Operational Challenges – lack of skills and professionals 

– Advanced threats

– Compliance requirements in increasingly regulated markets

Modern infrastructures can perfectly balance cloud and on-premise parts for every requirement. Learn how to leverage the value of cloud infrastructures while addressing challenges.


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