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DevOps Conference 2017 Munich, 20 - 23 Nov 2017
The Conference for Continuous Delivery, Microservices,
Docker, Clouds and Lean Business

Devops 2017 Spring


Saal III/Dorotheensaal
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Kubernetes Kickstart (sold out)

Saal III/Dorotheensaal

Learn how to containerize workloads, deploy them to Google Container Engine clusters, scale them to handle increased traffic, and continuously deploy to provide application updates. Objectives: container basics; how to containerize an existing application; Kubernetes concepts and principles; how to deploy applications to Kubernetes using the CLI; how to set up a continuous delivery pipeline. This workshop is intended for developers and operations professionals looking to get hands-on experience with Kubernetes and Google Container Engine. The typical audience member is comfortable running commands at a terminal and has a basic understanding of web technologies.

Workshop Short Label: Kubernetes Workshop

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