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From simple to enterprise level – the evolution of delivery pipelines due to microservices and hybrid environments

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Tuesday, May 29 2018
11:45 - 12:45

Some delivery pipelines are very simple. Code – build – deploy – test – run. One line of tools and environments.

For some time this changes rapidly. Applications become more and more 12-factor-style, split to microservices in containers etc. The number of delivery pipelines in parallel is rising, the number of components to govern, deploy and test in an orchestrated way is exploding. The same time there is no longer just one on-premises chain of staged environments. Cloud environments – public and private – come along. 

In this presentation we will show step by step the various changes and challenges in application delivery that enterprises are facing when walking this way. From simple to enterprise ready. And we will show possible solutions and their benefits. We will cover a deployment maturity model, hybrid applications, pipelines and environments, monitoring, scalbility etc.

Our view on this will be a holistic one, not too technical.

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