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CI/CD Workshop: Treating Your Pipeline as a Product

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CI/CD Workshop

CI/CD started out years ago as a nice-to-have for development teams. CD adoption grew over time across teams and layers of the organization, resulting in delivery systems that often evolved in an ad-hoc way, full of workarounds and poor code and abstractions. Today CI/CD is mission critical if we want to keep up with the market and also fix issues quickly. 

To achieve the level of reliability and performance required, a mindset change is needed. We must treat our pipeline as a product! This has a number of implications, from team design to product management and building in the necessary quality requirements. 

This workshop will help you navigate this new world of reliable CI/CD! In particular, you will learn about:

  • why must we treat pipelines as a product and what does that mean in practice
  • how to build in quality in the CI/CD system to cope with growing CD adoption in your organization
  • take with you concrete patterns for ensuring your CI/CD is resilient, performant, and scalable

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