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Cloud-native Continuous Delivery

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Tuesday, November 21 2017
16:45 - 17:45
Forum 12

You know that adopting Continuous Delivery and DevOps is key to a high-performance company. You’ve read the books and are ready to build microservices in the cloud. Great! Let’s go back to the principles and see how to apply them in a cloud native environment. What used to about shipping code to static servers, is now about quickly creating decoupled pipelines for new services that are readily wired up into the platform and everything is driven by code.

This talk will give concrete guidance in a world where autonomous teams continuously deploy many independent services and containers into an infrastructure that is dynamically created via APIs. Learn how to establish a culture that fosters fast local decisions and is driven by fast feedback. Remove friction by removing the staging environment and still release with confidence.

Listen to stories from the trenches on true DevOps on AWS with “You build it, you run it” teams from AutoScout24, the largest online car marketplace Europe-wide.

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