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Knative and the three Dwarfs – an Introduction to Serverless with Knative

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Thursday, June 13 2019
10:30 - 11:30

With Kubernetes gaining so much popularity over the years since it was introduced, it has now become the new Application Server. With most enterprises starting to embrace Serverless architectures, developers wished to have a platform like Kubernetes but with the capability to handle serverless workloads. As a result, Knative (Snow White) was born in Kubernetes Fairyland…

The story starts with how Knative was born, with details explaining how it uses the Kubernetes primitives to provide a platform that can run serverless workloads. With many Serverless platforms based on Kubernetes, developers are left with questions which one to choose and why. That’s exactly what the next part of the session is going talk about with demos. The Snow White tale is never complete without the dwarfs, but in this story I have only three dwarfs – Build, Serving, and Eventing; the building blocks of Knative – the last part of the story is packed with demonstrations to show how our dwarfs help Snow White to handle the Serverless workloads in an efficient and optimal way.

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