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The Status Quo of Kubernetes Operators

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We all love Kubernetes as our declarative and reactive container orchestration platform of choice.
Resource descriptors declare a target state and a whole set of controllers running in the background are watching these resources to reconcile the current state to the desired target state. We can use this dominant paradigm can also for custom resources and controllers, commonly referred to as “operators”. A growing number of operators for all sort of task already has been created.

In this presentation, an overview of existing operators is given before the CoreOS Operator Framework is explained in details. The Operator Framework consists of

* an Operator SDK for writing operators in Golang
* the Operator Lifecycle Manager (OLM) for managing operators and their installation
* Operator Metering for usage reporting of operators

The second part of this talk is about implementing live an operator with the Operator SDK and how it is managed with the Operator Lifecycle Manager.

At the end of this talk, you got an impression where we stand with operators these days and how quickly you can implement operators yourself.

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