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Serverless Workloads with Knative

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Tuesday, December 3 2019
18:00 - 19:00

One of the hottest topics in Kubernetes land these days is Knative. It is a platform on top of Kubernetes which provides a set of building blocks to build, deploy and manage container-based applications and serverless workloads. This talk gives an overview of Knative and its subcomponents: Knative Build brings the build aspect to Kubernetes. It adds an abstraction for building OCI image with various technologies like Kaniko and Buildpacks directly from within a Kubernetes cluster. We will also talk about the follow-up project Tekton Pipelines which eventually will replace Knative Build. Knative Serving provides primitives for serverless frameworks. It especially knows how to scale-to-zero and is already used in FaaS frameworks like Riff or OpenWhisk. Knative Eventing is an eventing specification for sending CloudEvents, an emerging CNCF standard, from sources to sinks. Let’s a have a peek view on all of this, including many live demos.

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