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Serverless workloads with Knative

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One of the hottest topics in Kubernetes land these days is Knative.
It is a platform on top of Kubernetes which provides a set of building blocks to build, deploy and manage container-based applications and serverless workloads.

This talk gives an overview of Knative and its subcomponents:

“Knative build” brings the build aspect to Kubernetes.
It adds an abstraction for building OCI image with various technologies like Kaniko, Buildpacks directly from within a Kubernetes cluster. We will also talk about the followup project “Tekton pipelines” which eventually will replace “Knative build”

“Knative serving” provides primitives for serverless frameworks.
It especially knows how to scale-to-zero and is already used in FaaS frameworks like Riff or OpenWhisk.

“Knative eventing” is an eventing specification for sending CloudEvents, an emerging CNCF standard, from sources to sinks.

Let’s a have a peek view on all of this, including many live demos.

Stay tuned:

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