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Introducing Log Analysis to your Organization

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Tuesday, November 21 2017
18:15 - 19:15
Forum 13+14

Have you ever spent time digging through various terminals, greping, lessing, awking and trying to find that few log lines that may be important? Have you every done that under time pressure, because mission critical services were not working? Have you every heard from your developers that they can’t tell you anything, because they don’t have access to application logs? Have you ever considered a centralized storage for logs, but time and resources are not on your side? If you said yes, to any of the above questions, than this talk is for you. During the talk I’ll introduce you to the world of log centralization and analysis, both when it comes to open source, but also commercial tools. We will go from top to bottom and learn how to setup log centralization and analysis for servers, virtualized environments and containers. We will get from log shipping, through centralized buffering to storage and analysis to show you, that having a centralized log analysis tool is not a rocket science. Finally, you will see how useful is to combine the logs from all your servers in a single place for blazingly fast correlation.

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