• Rob Vanstone

    Four Principles for Driving the Creation of Valuable Software

    Rob Vanstone (XebiaLabs)
    Russell Miles

    Better Software Development Systems through Stress – the hidden Ingredient behind Learning and Continuous Improvement

    Russell Miles (Atomist)
    Steve Poole

    Dashboards and Culture: How Openness changes your Behaviour

    Steve Poole (IBM)
    Quentin Adam

    Understand your New School (containerized) Operating System

    Quentin Adam (Clever Cloud)
    Rainer Stropek

    Docker Container in the Microsoft Universe

    Rainer Stropek (software architects/www.IT-Visions.de)
    Viktor Farcic

    Building Self-Healing Systems Workshop [SOLD OUT]

    Viktor Farcic (CloudBees)