• Darío Blanco

    A one year DevOps revolution in healthcare: from zero to Continuous Delivery

    Darío Blanco (Schoen Digital Labs)
    Ambreen Sheikh

    KISS it: Continuous Delivery Pipeline Architecture & Design.

    Ambreen Sheikh (Diabol AB)
    Steve Poole

    What’s new for Java in the Cloud?

    Steve Poole (IBM)
    Gianluca Arbezzano

    Distributed Monitoring: How to understand the Chaos

    Gianluca Arbezzano (InfluxData)
    Roland Huß

    From Legacy To Cloud

    Dr. Roland Huß (Red Hat)
    Erkan Yanar

    User-Management in Kubernetes

    Erkan Yanar (linsenraum.de)
    Nir Koren

    Workshop: From Zero to Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery

    Nir Koren (LivePerson)