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DevOps Conference 2017 Munich, 20 - 23 Nov 2017
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Docker, Clouds and Lean Business

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Knut Hechtfischer


Knut Hechtfischer co-founded ubitricity in 2008 with the idea of enabling a smart and sustainable charging of electric vehicles (EVs) everywhere EV-users go. Knut, who developed the basic technical and commercial ideas behind ubitricity in 2007, is primarily responsible to implement and further develop the product architecture and the strategic roadmap of ubitricity including the ongoing formation and strengthening of ubitricity’s partnership base. Since 2015 Knut focused on the implementation of the Mobile Charging System in the UK market. Today he is in charge of UK market development. He is an industry expert and a frequent speaker at various seminars and conferences around Europe and is writing articles for diverse publications on energy and e-mobility.

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