DevOps Conference 2018 Munich, 3 - 6 December 2018
The Conference for Continuous Delivery, Microservices,
Containers, Clouds and Lean Business

Leonid Igolnik

Leonid Igolnik
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Leonid Igolnik


Leonid is a technologist blending product development, product management and product operations at scale. He has spent his entire professional career building online applications. Leonid first started building large scale applications in Java in 2002 while working for the 2nd largest domain registrar at the time at Tucows/OpenSRS where he led the platform team. Subsequently to that he held several technology leadership roles with companies in Canada and US. Most recently Leonid has been responsible for engineering teams at Taleo (acquired by Oracle). Subsequent to Oracle Leonid led engineering for an industry leading APM product and SaaS Engineering for CA Technologies Security Business Unit. In his current role as an Executive Vice President of Engineering at SignalFx Leonid is responsible for building next generation observability product serving some of the largest companies in the world.

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