DevOps Conference 2019 Berlin, 11 - 14 June 2019
The Conference for Continuous Delivery, Microservices,
Containers, Clouds and Lean Business

Sebastian Schreck

Sebastian Schreck
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Sebastian Schreck

Mister Spex GmbH

Sebastian Schreck started his career in IT as a QA Engineer during his studies of Computer Science at TU Berlin. After completing his master’s thesis, he became a professional software engineer at Mister Spex. Unhappy with the segregation between Operations and Development teams, he decided to transfer into Ops full time in order to get more insights. Having seen both sides of the wall of confusion, Sebastian became a strong advocate for DevOps principles and shared responsibility.

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    Handle the complexity of microservices applications


    DevSecOps for safer applications

    Business & Company Culture

    Radically optimize IT

    Organizational Change

    Overcome obstacles on the way towards DevOps

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