DevOps Conference | 12 – 15 June 2017 in Berlin


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Track Business & Company Culture

The lack of communication and collaboration between departments is no longer an issue which keeps employers up at night; DevOps is meant to radically optimize IT in a world where shorter development cycles and systems’ stability don’t necessarily go hand in hand. The classic infrastructure is specifically affected: characterised by “Infrastructure as a Service”, microservices or container technology, new techniques emerge.
But all these tools and technologies only provide value when used with the right corporate culture which emphasizes values such as transparency and collaboration. In this track, DevOps practitioners share their success stories and provide tips on how to kick-start your DevOps adoption.

Track Speakers

Matthew Skelton

Skelton Thatcher Consulting

Tim Kunde


Simon Wardley

Leading Edge Forum

Sebastian Meyen

Software & Support Media GmbH

Dr. Sebastian Neubauer

Blue Yonder GmbH

Maurizio Poletto

BeeOne GmbH

Markus Andrezak

überproduct GmbH

Paul Reed


Elisabeth Gstarz

EXIN Holding B.V.

Marc Bauer


Stefanie Koch

Impossible Camera GmbH

Peter Bihr

The Waving Cat GmbH

Gernot Pflüger

CPP Studios GmbH

Antonio Cobo


Matthias Kainer

1&1 Internet SE

Track Program

Reception and Opening

Sebastian Meyen, Software & Support Media GmbH

Shenzhen – IoT going rogue

Stefanie Koch, Impossible Camera GmbH
Peter Bihr, The Waving Cat GmbH