DevOps Conference | 12 – 15 June 2017 in Berlin


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Native cloud applications typically consist of a number of autonomous (micro)services which communicate which each other via interfaces. While the complexity of the services aims to be low, there are new challenges for the overall system architecture. Specifically, there is a need for innovative solutions for cross aspects like dependency management, monitoring and logging, in order to guarantee the frictionless orchestration of the different service components.
The track Logging & Monitoring presents approaches to handling the complexity of microservices applications. The scope ranges from performance analytics, profiling and monitoring to log management for Docker, Swarm, Kubernetes & Co.

Track Speakers

Sebastian Meyen

Software & Support Media GmbH

Paul Reed


Stefan Thies

Sematext Group Inc.

Jürgen Cito

University of Zurich

Simon Wardley

Leading Edge Forum

Björn Rabenstein

SoundCloud Ltd.
Holger Potthoff

Holger Potthoff

CA Technologies

Track Program

Reception and Opening

Sebastian Meyen, Software & Support Media GmbH