DevOps Whitepaper 2018

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DevOpsCon Whitepaper

More than 40 pages of comprehensive knowledge

Articles About Docker, Kubernetes, Continuous Delivery, DevOps Culture, Cloud Platforms & Security!

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Table of Content

    • Docker
      Continuous Deployment with Docker Swarm
      by Tobias Gesellchen
      Top Docker tips from 12 Docker Captains

    • Kubernetes
      How to Build Up-To-Date (Container) Applications
      by Timo Derstappen
      Taking the pulse of DevOps: “Kubernetes has won the orchestration war”
      Interview with Nicki Watt, CTO at OpenCredo

    • Continuous Delivery
      OpenShift, Kubernetes & Jenkins: “We wanted to show a start-up can develop entirely within the cloud”
      Interview with Clemens Utschig-Utschig

    • DevOps Culture
      Collaboration or survival of the fittest: Who runs the DevOps world?
      Interview series with DevOps Influencers – Part 1
      Top 20 social influencers in DevOps 2018

    • Security
      Automating DevOps – The technology missing link
      by Dr. Rao Papolu
    • Microservices
      Microservices: From a monorepo to a microplatform
      by Stuart Harris
      Microservices are more than just a hype
      Interview with Kai Tödter

    • Cloud Platforms
      How to capture the multi-cloud opportunity
      by Dan Lahl

    • Serverless
      The road to serverless maturity: Running away from “NoOps” or toward it?
      Interview series with JAX DevOpos speakers 


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