December 3 – 6, 2018 | Munich


„Organizations are struggling to roll out change and as we know “Culture eats strategy for breakfast!” Trough identifying the different types of team members’ personalities and leveraging their chemistry you can deliver change at scale.“

Morgan Martins, Institute of Physics


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Track Business & Company Culture

The lack of communication and collaboration between departments is no longer an issue which keeps employers up at night; DevOps is meant to radically optimize IT in a world where shorter development cycles and systems’ stability don’t necessarily go hand in hand. The classic infrastructure is specifically affected: characterised by “Infrastructure as a Service”, microservices or container technology, new techniques emerge.
But all these tools and technologies only provide value when used with the right corporate culture which emphasizes values such as transparency and collaboration. In this track, DevOps practitioners share their success stories and provide tips on how to kick-start your DevOps adoption.


Tomasz Koczorowski

Tomasz Koczorowski

MAPP Digital
Paul Reed

Paul Reed

Kristen Womack

Kristen Womack

Co-founder of Hello Mom
Michiel Rook

Michiel Rook

Independent Consultant
Markus Andrezak

Markus Andrezak

überproduct GmbH
Marc Burgauer

Marc Burgauer

Arena Peak Ltd,
Julia Wester

Julia Wester

Lagom Solutions


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