December 3 – 6, 2018 | Munich


„“Infrastructure as Code” is like treating infrastructure as it was software.“

Kai Tödter, Siemens


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Container technology is spreading like wildfire in the software world — possibly faster than any other technology before. But what are the key learnings so far? Have the initial assumptions about the way in which containers revolutionize both the development and deployment of software been verified or falsified? What are the challenges for using containers in production and where are we headed to? This track provides use cases and best practices for working with the likes of Docker, Kubernetes & Co.


Henning Jacobs

Henning Jacobs

Zalando SE
Erkan Yanar

Erkan Yanar
Stefan Walker

Stefan Walker

EOS technology solutions GmbH
Dieter Reuter

Dieter Reuter

NeuVector Inc.
Rainer Stropek

Rainer Stropek

software architects/


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Behind the Tracks


Docker & Kubernetes

Docker, Kubernetes & Co


Maximize development productivity

Continuous Delivery

Build, test and deploy agile

Cloud Platforms & Serverless

Cloud-based & native apps

Logging, Monitoring & Analytics

Handle the complexity of microservices applications


DevSecOps for safer applications

Business & Company Culture

Radically optimize IT

Organizational Change

Overcome obstacles on the way towards DevOps

Live Demo #slideless

Showing how technology really works