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Workshop: Winning at DevOps with Kanban [SOLD OUT]

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Monday, May 28 2018
09:00 - 17:00
MOA 14
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Kanban Workshop

Most DevOps initiatives begin with a heavy focus on improving the flow of work through the CI pipeline. That’s important, but it’s just one component of a larger system at work. Kanban is a flow-based approach that can be applied to a specific team or an entire value stream. The goal of Kanban is to force issues to the surface so we can improve our system, allowing us to complete work more easily. Continually finding and fixing problems hones our system to support work delivery and not prevent it. In short, you learn how to get more done with less stress and the same people and resources. In addition, you’re building a culture of learning while doing that, when spread across an organization, significantly boosts your agility and competitive advantage. In this workshop you’ll learn to tame the chaos through:

  • Visualizing your work in its workflow
  • Applying enabling constraints like work-in-process limits and explicit policies
  • Experiencing the difference between push systems and pull systems
  • Identifying signals of system problems and designing experiments to solve them

This is a full-day, interactive workshop is for people new to Lean and Kanban. You will experience the thinking process that guides the visualization of your work and work processes, highlights internal and external pain points, and establishes pull and flow. Games, exercises and discussions will be used throughout the workshop to explore topics in detail. You will receive a certification of course completion at the end of the day.

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