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Workshop: Effective DevOps with Knative and Istio [SOLD OUT]

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Tuesday, June 11 2019
09:00 - 17:00
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Knative & Istio Workshop

Looking to deploy Istio to your Kubernetes clusters, but not sure how? Confused about serverless workloads on Knative? Trying to integrate DevOps practices like A/B Testing, chaos engineering, or traffic splitting into your deployment practices? This workshop explains how to effectively adopt DevOps tools like Istio and Knative for utilizing service meshes and serverless in your deployments.

Starting with the basics, Kamesh Sampath explores what a service mesh or serverless workload is, before going over Istio and Knative. He’ll show you how to deploy your microservices apps to Kubernetes via Istio or Knative. Additionally, Kamesh will spend some time on understanding the building blocks of Knative before going over the perks of on-demand scaling. Whether you’re linking existing microservices apps into a service mesh or using serverless workarounds, this workshop guides developers towards a more effective DevOps implementation.

The first generation of microservices was primarily shaped by Netflix OSS e.g. Spring Cloud annotations all throughout your business logic. As a result of few constraints and difficulties experiences with previous generation, the next generation of microservices decided to leverage on sidecars and a service mesh.

The use of Serverless Architectures has become one of the common approach in organizations that
wishes to be more effective in DevOps and optimise their IT resources. This adds further flexibility
to the next generation of microservices to be more agile i.e. serve on-demand. Knative helps in
running your microservices serverless workloads on Kubernetes and thereby you IT in becoming
more agile and effective.


Part 1: Istio

  • Introduction to microservices and Service mesh
  • Istio Setup and understanding Isito components
  • Deploying microservices
  • Observability and Traffic Control
  • Service Resiliency
  • Chaos Testing
  • Security

Part 2: Knative

  • ​Introduction to serverless and Knative
  • Knative Setup
  • Basics and Fundamentals
  • Configurations and Routes
  • Scaling
  • Build, Build Template, Eventing

This workshop is for developers/architects having hands-on experience with :

  • Docker
  • Kubernetes
  • Microservices development in any language preferred Java
  • Basic linux like navigating to directory, listing files etc.,

Participants should also bring their own laptops to connect to the workshop machines hosted in

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