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Hands-on Introduction to Kubernetes Workshop [SOLD OUT]

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Monday, November 20 2017
09:00 - 17:00
Forum 10+11
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Kubernetes Workshop

This is a basic overview on the features of Kubernetes:

  • architecture: pods, labels, replication ​

  • deployment and services

  • setting up: Kubernetes, kubectl, minikube and GKE

  • kube: apiserver, controller-manager, proxy

  • deployment: pods and services, updates, scalability. ​

The workshop is hands-on. Bring in your own laptop.

Kubernetes is going to be the Operating System of the Data Center.
This workshop introduces the basic concepts of Kubernetes. There will be a theoretical intoduction followed by hands on trainings units. We wiill start with a theoretical overview of the the most important components, the Kubectl Client, the API Server and the role of the Kubernets.The practial part starts rolling out a simple web appication.The smallest unit of deployment ist the pod consisting of one or more containers sharing the same lifecycle.With pods we will deploy simlple, stateless applications and show, how to deploy, update and rollback these applications without service interruption. Kubernetes services and networks guarantee the seemless change of the application.
Further examples demonstrate typical multi tier application and how they are configured and rolled out. We will discuss best practices, configurations and secrets.
After this workshop, every participant should be able to roll out simple applications with Kubernetes.

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