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Shell Ninja: Mastering the Art of Shell Scripting

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Wednesday, June 12 2019
11:45 - 12:45

Shell scripts have been our constant companions since the seventies and although there have been many other contenders like Perl, Python or Ruby, Shell scripts are still here, alive and kicking. With the rise of the container, writing shell scripts becomes an essential skill again, since plain shell scripts are the least common denominator for every Linux container. A lot of historical dust settled on our rusty shell scripts which makes them hard to maintain and to extend. In this hands-on session, we will see how we can polish our shell. An opinionated approach about conventions will be demonstrated for writing modular and maintainable scripts. We will learn how to write integration tests for our shell scripts. This and much more will be part of our ride through the world of Bash and co. Come and enjoy some serious shell script coding, you won’t regret it.

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