DevOps Conference 2018 Berlin, 28 - 31 May 2018
The Conference for Continuous Delivery, Microservices,
Docker, Clouds and Lean Business

Shashi Kiran

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Shashi Kiran


Shashi Kiran enjoys being at the nexus of business and technology constantly endeavoring to bring increased synergies between the two. Currently focused on Cloud and DevOps automation, Shashi and his team are focused on bringing structured automation into DevOps environments with cloud sandboxes, creating a category in the process that greatly accelerates DevOps adoption while making human innovators and APIs more productive and efficient. Shashi has over 20+ years of experience in big companies like Cisco scaling product management and marketing of multi-billion dollar product lines as well as incubating fast paced startups. Currently he’s overseeing aspects of the strategy and marketing at Quali, a venture funded startup and an industry leader in cloud sandbox software.

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