DevOps Conference | 12 – 15 June 2017 in Berlin



Track Security

One of the most important DevOps trends today is the ambition to include security aspects throughout the entire lifecycle of an application. „DevSecOps“ is the battle cry for tearing down the silos of isolated security departments, which are too often involved too late in the development process in order to care for the security of the systems.
In addition to this „security shift-left,“ the DevOpsCon track Security provides valuable hands-on sessions for identifying and fixing weaknesses in your IT systems. There will also be a special focus on the specific security requirements in the context of cloud, container and microservices.

Track Speakers

Paul Reed


Simon Wardley

Leading Edge Forum

Christian Schneider

Freelancer & White-Hat-Hacker

Erkan Yanar


Sebastian Meyen

Software & Support Media GmbH

Track Program

Reception and Opening

Sebastian Meyen, Software & Support Media GmbH